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Primary School Programmes

Looking for interesting after-school programmes for your students? Let our instructors deliver exciting hands-on activities to your science clubs! Get to learn scientific techniques, tools and even science communication skills along the way. Programmes are suitable for Primary 3 to 6 students.

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1) State the characteristics of birds and how they reproduce.

2) How birds have physical adaptations that allow them to fly.

3) Dissect an egg and label the different parts of an egg.

4) Observe the difference between down and feathers.

5) Observe and identify bird species around the school compound.

*updated for Jan - Dec 2020*

Duration: 2 hours, not inclusive of set up timing.

Pricing: $300 each programme (for 20 pax, $4 per additional student). Book 4 programmes to receive 20% off total bill.

Capacity: max 40 students per programme.

 Feel free to contact us for other enquiries and consultations

Terms and Conditions apply 

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