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Pre-school / Kindergarten Programmes

Out Into Space

​Let us take you to space! Ever wonder what we can find in space?  What do you think it's like to be on the moon, sun and all other planets? Through role-playing and interaction, our instructors will take you to the planets in our solar system with our amazing computer programme and hands on activities. Students get to make an LED constellation craft.

Ernie & Friends

Come join Ernie the Earthworm while it meets its garden animal friends. Through this unique storytelling based workshop, students will be engaged with hands on activities while they learn more about the common animals that are found in the garden. Package includes animal viewing tank.

Making Sense of Senses

How much do we know about our 5 senses? How do they help us in our everyday life? What makes these 5 senses so important and unique? Join us as we explore these 5 senses through a series of fun activities and demonstration.

Oh My Body!

Ever wonder what goes on in our body after we take a bite of our favourite food? What happens to the food and where will it go? Let our instructors show you by engaging students with exciting hands-on activities and demonstration.

Grow, Beanie, Grow!

Let us take your students into the wonderful journey of a bean. This fun filled storytelling based class will engage your students’ imagination and curiosity of the life cycle of a plant.  Find out what plant beanie grows into! Package includes a seed growing kit.

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